Indian long hair Girls

Indian long hair Girls
Indian long hair Girls

Long hair videos of the month

1.long hair styling by Ananya

Ananya is the long hair girl from Kerala, a state in India. She has a very beautiful thick black long hair. She performs brushing, braiding, making buns and updo with her long hair.

She sits in front of a mirror in dressing table and demonstrates how to style such a long hair in a proper way.

2.  Forward sink shampooing long hair

This Calcutta long hair girl demonstrates how to shampoo your very long hair in a sink. She shampoos her hair in wash basin at her home. She has very beautiful hair.

If you follow this method you can clean and wash your hair without your dress getting wet. This is effective method to wash your hair for urgent needs.

3. How to Grow Long hair

Do you like this long hair girl from India?
Do you want to grow beautiful long hair?

Here are some traditional hair care methods by Indian girls.

1. Indian girls shave their head many times when they are kids, this is one the main reason they get thick long hair.
2. While they are kids they always braid their hair so that it is minimum exposed to sun and pollution. Twin braid style is the recommended hair style in Indian schools.
3. Indian girls food and balanced nutrition diet helps to grow their hair very fast.
4. They cut the hair immediately when they get splits ends.
5. They always wash their hair twice a week, and don't fail to do in any situations.
6. They oil massage their long silky hair twice or thrice every week to keep hair shiny, This helps to maintain the lustrous shine and nature of your hair.
7. They don't comb their hair more than twice a day and at most 20 strokes per combing.
8. Indian girls specially Tamil Nadu long hair girls use shikakai(Natural hair paste) instead of shampoos. You can at least use organic shampoo is you cant get shikakai.

If you can follow these steps. I assure you will get beautiful long hair as this lady has in this video.