Indian long hair Girls

Indian long hair Girls
Indian long hair Girls

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Asian Girls with traditional beautiful long hair styles

தமிழ் பெண்கள் நீளமான கூந்தல் உள்ளவர்கள் . (Tamil Girls always used to have long hair) Ya friends Tamil Nadu girls abide the Asian tradition of long hair care.

Traditional Long hair care routine by Tamil and Malayalam Girls
  • Sunday its the day to go out for shopping so most of the college girls take head bath and shampoos their hair.
  • Monday its day for busy work schedule. They just make their hair in braids and start to their work.
  • Tuesday most of the girls shampoo their hair and use shikakai to wash their hair and rinse it properly to get rid of any lice if any in long hair.
  • Wednesday its the day for oiling the hair.
  • Thursday the make thick braids out of the oiled hair and carry forward with modern layered hair styles.
  • Friday is the sacred day and they take head bath with shampoo or shikakai and towel dry their long hair. This can be seen in most of streets at morning 7 to 11 o clock on all Fridays in residential areas of Kerala and Tamil Nadu including Chennai. After drying before the water drips out from the edges of the wet hair they go to any nearby temple and pray. This is the highlight of Asian tradition of long hair care.
Here are some of images posted with the traditional Asian hairstyles made by Indian, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam long hair women.

loose lovely long hair
loose lovely long hair tied with a clip.

long hair girl on road
long hair girl image captured on roads.

long hair blanket
long hair covered her body as a blanket.

long hair sliding in front
Sujatha the Indian lady poses with her long hair sliding in front.

Curly long hair girl
Curly long hair girl decorated with rose flowers.

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