Indian long hair Girls

Indian long hair Girls
Indian long hair Girls

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Kerala women towel drying her long hair

Drying the hair naturally is the best way to dry the hair. Usually these steps are followed by Indian women to dry their long hair.

  • After hair wash gently dry the hair with soft towel.
  • Then bend down with your hair falling in front of you.
  • Twist the towel and make a turban with your hair tightly packed in the towel.
  • Make a huge bun with your towel.
  • Wait for 20 to 30 minutes , do your house hold works till towel absorbs most of the water.
  • Now relax your selves and go to the balcony or out of the house just to get natural air.
  • Remove your towel slowly as show in the video.
  • Bring your hair in front of your after bending down.
  • Twist the towel like a rope and catch the both ends.
  • Beat or pat the long hair gently for 10 to 25 strokes.
  • This will remove all curls and water drops in your hair and your hair becomes tangle free.
  • If any one can demonstrate more on hair drying you can send your video to us. we can feature yours.

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